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Central Pennsylvania Teamsters

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Toll-Free USA: 1-800-331-0420

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Contact the Pension Department


View Your RIP 1987 Account Balance on the Pension Calculator- My Retirement site

Participants in the Central PA Teamsters Retirement Income Plan (RIP) 1987 now have the ability to view their Retirement Income Plan account balances by accessing the Pension Calculator- My Retirement site. This is located in the Pension Fund section of the Central Pennsylvania Teamsters website.

With the MyRetirement website, you will have the ability to estimate your pension benefits online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  If you have an account balance in the Retirement Income Plan 1987, you will also have the ability to estimate how that account balance will grow over time at various investment return rates.  Additionally, there are useful documents and links to help you better understand your retirement benefits.

Please note that if you are Retired or don’t have a RIP Balance with the Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Pension Fund you will not be able to register for an account.

For information regarding your UPS Part-time Pension please call 1-800-643-4442 or email retirement@ups.com as this is not handled by the Central PA Teamsters.

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Please note that if you are looking to apply for benefits please contact the Fund office by telephone.

In order to avoid a delay in responding to your question(s), please do not leave duplicate messages (e.g., via emails, website submissions or voicemails). We will do our best to respond to your message within 24 business hours. Thank you.

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