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The Board of Trustees of the Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund are pleased to announce that, effective July 1, 2024, the Fund will be moving to Highmark as our new medical network to provide a more robust national network of medical providers. This change is expected to provide additional savings to the Fund based on Highmark’s network discounts. Participants and beneficiaries seeking treatment should experience a greater choice of providers with minimal disruption through the Highmark network of providers. The Fund is taking the necessary measures to ensure this is a seamless transition for you and your family. New ID cards were mailed to participants on June 10th to start using effective July 1, 2024. Your prescription, dental, and vision provider networks are not affected by this change. If you would like to verify if your doctors are considered In-Network with Highmark please visit….. 

Click medical and hit to be redirected to the Sapphire Digital site to search for providers

Click Dismiss in the Narrow Your Search Results box that pops up.

For Providers in Pennsylvania
In the Network drop down, scroll down and choose or begin to type PPOBlue (no spaces).
Helpful Tips
• Only the provider search feature should be used.
• You can also change your location in the City, State, or Zip box.
• Still can’t find your specific provider? Call the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association for additional assistance: 1-800-810-2583 (BLUE).

For Providers outside of Pennsylvania: (BlueCard Providers)                                                                                Type * BCBS PPO (with a space) to find BlueCard providers outside of Highmark’s service area. Enter the City, State, and Zip of where you’d like to search.

Search for a provider by Name or Specialty. You can also scroll down on the page and Browse by Category. If you key in a provider’s name or specialty, you will see suggested search terms to choose from.

**Only the Medical Care and Urgent Care Center options are applicable to the Central PA Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund.


Alliance Community Healthcare

Central Pennsylvania Teamsters has teamed up with Alliance Community Healthcare.

$0 copays for Medical Services

$0 copays for Brand Name Pharmacy prescriptions. In addition, for your convenience, you can obtain up
to a 3-month supply at $0 copay.

Call the Medical Concierge at (551) 229-7617 to get you started saving on your medical care today.

Alliance Community Health Center provides primary care services that ensure that our patients care continues throughout life. Alliance is Federally Qualified Health Center that was formed in Hudson County, NJ that offers a comprehensive range of healthcare and educational services to care for an under-served patient population.

Alliance was established in 1963 as a family planning clinic and its legacy in the community is in Women’s Health.



Alliance PA Pharmacy, LLC located in Wyomissing, PA is OPEN for business!

If you are currently a patient of Alliance Community Healthcare you can now pick up all of your prescriptions for a $0 copay as prescribed through Alliance Community Healthcare at this location.

Alliance PA Pharmacy is also a regular retail pharmacy and can fill prescription drug orders for all Health & Welfare Fund participants, NOT just Alliance Community Healthcare patients. They will provide prescription drugs, including refrigerated medication, at the same copayments and quantities for a 30-day supply normally filled at your local retail pharmacy AND for a 90-day supply which would normally go through the Mail Order program managed by Global Pharmaceutical Benefits (“GPB”) the Fund’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager.  The staff at the Alliance PA Pharmacy is available and ready to assist Central PA Teamster Health & Welfare Fund Participants with their prescription needs. Scripts can be dropped off at the Penn Ave location, electronically uploaded to Alliance PA Pharmacy or faxed from a Physician.

Please note that this location does NOT carry or dispense any controlled substances.

Location: 1235 Penn Ave, Wyomissing PA 19610.

Phone:  610-376-3000

Fax: 610-478-3000

Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Dental Provider

Delta Dental Website:


You don’t need a Delta Dental ID card when you visit the dentist. Just provide your name,
birth date and CPT number or Social Security number.
Have dependents on your plan? They’ll need to use your details.


On your computer
You can download and print an ID card
from computer.
• Log in to your Delta Dental account at
• Click on Get ID card and then Print
ID card

On your phone
You can use your ID card in the app
or add your ID card to your phone’s
mobile wallet.
• Download the Delta Dental Mobile
App from the App Store or the Google
Play Store.
• Log in to your
account in the app. Your ID card
information will be on the front page.

Please note: Delta Dental is the ONLY dental network participating with Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund. DeCare Dental Insurance, a dental program sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, does not participate with Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund. Services performed by non-network providers, including providers participating with the DeCare network, will be paid as out-of-network and the member will be responsible for all non-covered services and balances. DeCare Dental Insurance is currently recruiting dental providers nationwide. Some of these dental providers have been contacting Teamsters members regarding the DeCare network. Do not be misled into thinking that services provided by DeCare dentists will be paid in-network by the Fund. Call the Health and Welfare Fund if you have any questions.

Vision Provider

When using the Member Portal you must create an username and password in order to locate a provider. Please click the logo to visit the Davis Vision website.

1. Log into your account
Log onto, and enter your username and password or your client code. If you are new to the site, you will need to register online before logging in.

When registering, you will need your:

  • member ID number or
  • Social Security number.

2. Access your benefit
From the home screen of your member portal, you can access your plan information, copays and forms as well as:

  • virtual frame collection
  • value added features
  • satisfaction survey
  • provider locator

3. Locate a Provider
Click on “Find a Provider” from the home screen, then search by Zip code, state,county, city or provider’s name

Prescription Provider

Global Pharmaceutical Benefits

Pennsylvania Pharmacy Listing

Effective 7/1/2018 Walmart is now an eligible network pharmacy covered by Global Prescription Benefits.

To locate a pharmacy in your area please contact Global Prescription Benefits at 1-800-341-2234
Please note: effective 12/17/15, Target is no longer a participating pharmacy provider.

Teladoc- Effective January 1, 2020

$0 copay for participants in the Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund.

You already have Teladoc as part of your benefits. Our U.S. board-certified doctors can diagnose, treat, and even prescribe medicine, if needed, for a wide range of medical needs, including the flu, allergies, rash, upset stomach and much more.

24/7 access to Doctors by phone or video.

Questions? Contact Us!

Please note, If you are looking to apply for benefits please contact the Fund office by telephone.

In order to avoid a delay in responding to your question(s), please do not leave duplicate messages (e.g., via emails, website submissions or voicemails). We will do our best to respond to your message within 24 business hours. Thank you. 

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