HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Web Portal

We are excited to announce that the Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund is releasing a new feature on our website called the HRA (“Health Reimbursement Arrangement”) Web Portal. This resource will allow you to check your HRA balance that you currently have.  You can go to

Please keep in mind that the HRA feature is a negotiated benefit and must be included as part of your Collective Bargaining Agreement to participate in the benefit. 

To sign up, you will need to enter your User ID, email address, Date of Birth and then create a password. Your User ID is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, first initial and first 3 letters of your last name.

The HRA account balance is updated monthly to include contributions remitted by an employer on behalf of the member.  Claims processed and paid will be deducted from the HRA account balance on a daily basis. You can check your available HRA account balance at any time.

What you should know about your Health Reimbursement Arrangement (“HRA”)

The Central Pennsylvania Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund credits each Participant’s individual HRA account with a sum, as determined by the negotiating parties, for each month in which an Employer Contribution is made and is available to reimburse you for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses. This is a negotiated benefit that must be included as part of your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Each Participant shall be permitted to submit claims for unreimbursed medical expenses incurred by himself/herself, his/her Spouse or his/her Dependent while covered under this Plan (including COBRA coverage, provided that the Participant elects COBRA coverage for himself/herself and his/her eligible Dependents).  Reimbursement is not permitted for expenses incurred before or after the individual was a Participant or Dependent in this Plan.

Note:  If a Participant leaves employment with their employer, they will only be eligible to receive reimbursement for claims that were incurred while they were a Fund Participant on account of their active employment or because they elected COBRA coverage (provided that the request for reimbursement is timely made and includes all required documentation).

The only expenses for which reimbursement may be made are medical expenses that would generally qualify for the medical and dental expenses deduction on the Participant’s federal income taxes, regardless as to whether or not the Participant actually takes that deduction.  Of course, you may not deduct expenses for which you are reimbursed by the Fund.

 In order to receive reimbursement, the Participant must submit supporting documentation for each item or service for which reimbursement is sought.  The Fund will provide a “reimbursement expense” form to which this documentation must be attached.  Examples of this documentation include, but are not limited to the following but note that the documentation must demonstrate that the Participant (or patient) actually paid the amount for which reimbursement is being sought:

  • For office visits, inpatient or outpatient facility copays —a health plan’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement or an itemized receipt or bill from the provider that includes the patient’s name, a description of the service, and the original date of service and the patient’s portion of the charge.
  • For prescription drugs — A pharmacy statement or receipt from the pharmacy including the patient’s name, the Rx number, the name of the drug, the date the prescription was filled, and the amount.
  • For over-the-counter (“OTC”) medicines — A written or electronic OTC prescription along with an itemized cash register receipt that includes the merchant name, name of the OTC medicine or drug, purchase date, and amount, OR a printed pharmacy statement or receipt from a pharmacy that includes the patient’s name, the Rx number, the date the prescription was filled, and the amount.
  • For over-the-counter health care-related products — An itemized cash register receipt with the merchant name, name of the item/product, date, and amount. These include items like crutches, supplies such as bandages, and diagnostic devices such as diabetic blood sugar test kits and related supplies.

Reimbursements will be provided on a rolling basis, not just a single time annually. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within one year of the date the claim was incurred. The maximum reimbursement amount that a Participant can receive is equal to his or her account balance at the time the reimbursement request is processed.

Any balances that are not expended in one Plan Year will be rolled over to the next Plan Year and will continue to be available to the individual for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses, provided that the expenses relate to the claim year immediately preceding the year in which the reimbursement form is submitted and you were covered under the Plan.

At no time will any Participant or any other person be eligible to receive a cash payment from the Fund under this HRA without documentation of qualified medical expenses.


Health Reimbursement Form

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