Important information about Relpax (eletriptan)
We wanted to share information regarding a voluntary recall announced by Pfizer on August 14, 2019 of Relpax 40mg tablets due to the potential of bacteria within, specifically Pseudomonas and Burkholderia. Some of your members may be impacted by this recall.

What is Relpax used for?

  • Relpax is prescribed to treat migraine headaches.

How can I find out if the medication is recalled?

  • The LOT numbers affected by this recall are AR5407(exp 2/2022) and CD4565 (exp 2/2022). The National Drug Codes (NDCs) affected by this recall are 00049-2340-45 and 00049-2340-05. Please check the box or blister pack to see if the LOT number matches either of the above.

What happens if the recalled medication is used?

  • Do not use the recalled medication as it may cause serious infection. If you experience any health concerns while taking Relpax, please call your doctor immediately. Symptoms include: bacterial infections and GI distress.

Can patients continue to take Relpax if it is NOT one of the LOT numbers involved in the recall?

  • Yes. The only LOT numbers affected by this recall are AR5407 (exp 2/2022) and CD4565 (exp 2/2022).

Is the generic version of Relpax, eletriptan, recalled?

  • No. Eletriptan produced by manufacturers other than Pfizer has not been recalled.

What should be done with Relpax impacted by this recall?

  • Do not use the medication and call your pharmacy. Your pharmacy may be able to give you a replacement medication. You can also talk to your healthcare provider about your prescription.
  • If you used the recalled medication and experience any problems, contact your doctor immediately.
  • For any medical questions, do not hesitate to contact your doctor immediately.
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